Paulo Nogueira Neto Environmental Law Clinic (Clínica de Direito Ambiental Paulo Nogueira Neto – CPaNN) is part of Faculty of Law of University of São Paulo (USP) as an academic extension group. CPaNN was formed in 2012 as a study group’s experience, which dedicated its work to study topics that were related to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development – Rio+20, held in Brazil on the same year. The interest was on qualifying its integrants to participate in the conference as representatives of XI de Agosto Student’s Union (Centro Acadêmico XI de Agosto), which was qualified as Major Group in the event. This group brought together people who were interested in discussing environmental matters, which stimulated the participants to develop a project that would guarantee the group’s continuity.

CPaNN was named on behalf of Professor Dr. Paulo Nogueira Neto intended to honor such an important figure on the field of environmental law in Brazil. Professor Paulo Nogueira graduated at USP and gave us the support  and recognition in a visit in 2013, in the opportunity of the clinic’s official release.


As a student organization, CPaNN aims to unite theoretical study and practical activities in areas related to environmental law and sustainability, promoting critical analysis and the proposition of real solutions for matters concerning the social and environmental reality. Other than group studies, which are developed keeping in mind specific themes in environmental law, CPaNN develops projects both in and outside the university, concerning, for instance, environmental justice, environmental legislation, and sustainable practices in the urban environment.


CPaNN is formed by 20 members, students of the Faculty of Law of University of São Paulo, and it’s organized in a way to assure the horizontality in the decision making process and in task performing. Each semester, a selection process is opened  in order to embrace new members.

Since its foundation, CPaNN is coordenated by Professor Patrícia Faga Iglecias Lemos, lawyer and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of University of São Paulo (USP) with specialization in the areas of civil law, environmental law, sustainable consumption, risk management, solid waste, civil responsibility for environmental damages and environmental compensation. In 2015, she worked as the Secretariat for the Environment, part of the São Paulo State Government, Brazil.

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